A Mysterious Treat As Broadsword Reveals Upcoming Shard With Ultima Online: New Legacy

Here’s a surprising announcement that older enthusiasts must have their hearts stopped with: nowadays, Broadsword (a subsidiary of EA accountable for the as soon as brutal global of Ultima Online) has launched a trailer appearing off what seems to be a ramification for Ultima Online known as Ultima Online: New Legacy.

Yes, it’s actual, however you must paintings to stem the rising pleasure; there’s nonetheless no information of the name making its far more than to Steam, being integrated into EA Play, getting UI upgrades that carry it into the trendy generation, or the rest that enthusiasts had been clamoring (and greater than on occasion begging) for.

Ultimately, the scoop is that there might be a brand new shard for Ultima Online that each paid accounts and loose accounts can discover. Everything else is these days hidden from public view as Broadsword seems greater than content material to trickle forth information slower than an ettin’s assault pace.

In an accompanying weblog put up (that they failed to connect to the YouTube video) Broadsword states that New Legacy might be an individualized shard the place development cannot be transferred to others, with a ‘distinctive ruleset’ that they haven’t pulled again the curtain on.

One factor that turns out sure, alternatively, can be a ache to the reds: they have got introduced open-world PvP, however it is going to be in response to a ‘vice as opposed to distinctive feature’ machine which turns out to deduce a loss of homicide for the sake of homicide.

The commonplace sentiment and figuring out these days is that avid gamers will want to choose into the PvP revel in.

With that huge caveat out of the best way, Broadsword states that they’re making an attempt to reinvoke the vintage sense of exploration and legacy with the brand new shard with customized rulesets that they don’t seem to be prepared to reveal simply but.

They acknowledged that whilst New Legacy might be rolling again UO to the vintage map (sooner than carebear-land sometimes called Trammel), in addition they can not flip again a ‘magic dial’ to make Ultima Online what it was (a feat that more than one smaller, independently ran servers have controlled even though with the inclusion of a few questionable pay to win mechanics and lopsided admins), however there’s hope.

This admittedly already isn’t going to be what many have was hoping for smartly over a decade at this level, however there’s a hope that Broadsword can take heed of a few participant considerations whilst nonetheless opening the door a little to repopulation; because the shard will be offering a recent get started, it’s conceivable to as soon as once more dive into the splendidly horrifying global of Brittania.

Broadsword might be revealing mechanics and the oft-stated ‘customized rulesets’ within the coming weeks and months, and we’ll proceed to research what they’re providing to stay everybody knowledgeable of whether or not it could if truth be told be time to redownload the mythical MMO name that started a wild style.

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