Atlus Drops Persona 4 Golden Patch 1.1 With Major Fixes And Cutscene Optimization

Recently, Atlus dropped a brand new patch for Persona 4 Golden on PC, with a number of fixes for a ton of insects.

Patch 1.1 will come with the entire gameplay and balance fixes presented to the sport by way of former hotfixes, which attends to a number of problems like crashes going down in particular situations, comfortable locking insects, and cut-scene playback. This explicit one may also be very traumatic.

So with out additional ado, listed here are the patch notes:

• Fixes to video quizzes
• Fixes to cut-scene playback, together with a decrease playback mode for smoother play on older machines.
• Soft locks going on round Personamations
• Random crashes reported
• Crashes associated with putting off Xbox One controllers
• A cling factor that happens all the way through Midnight Trivia Quiz
• Blank pieces in stock, inflicting crashes and freezes.
• Please notice that if you’re experiencing this factor, your outdated saves will retain the clean merchandise, so it is strongly recommended that you just generate new saves and steer clear of outdated saves with empty pieces.

Again, the Persona 4 Golden 1.1 patch additionally complements cut-scenes motion pictures for optimized playback and fixes a trojan horse the place Windows 10 decision was once in-use.

• An audio factor associated with the audio environment all the way through Yosuke’s Cavalry Attack.
• A development factor that happens when getting into Yukiko’s citadel.
• Addresses a recognized factor the place some avid gamers may just no longer entire quest 3.
• Optimized cut-scene motion pictures for higher playback that was once inflicting stuttering.
• When the usage of high-resolution screens, resolved a subject matter the place the Windows 10 decision scaling was once being carried out.
• Fixed a freeze factor when equipping a clean merchandise in “Equip > Clothes.”
• If you have got a clean merchandise within the Clothes menu, please take away it as those empty pieces can nonetheless be for your recently stored sport information. Equipping clean pieces can cause quite a lot of freeze problems in different places.
• Resolved a comfortable lock that might happen after an All-Out-Attack.

Interestingly, Persona 4 Golden marks the release of the preferred sequence by way of Atlus on PC. However, the Steam version comes with a number of enhancements over the unique PS Vita release, like unlocked body fee, stepped forward persona fashions, and extra!

You can in finding Persona 4 Golden now on Steam. The sport could also be on PlayStation Vita.

For those that haven’t observed or performed the sport. Here’s a abstract of Persona 4 Golden’s gameplay:

To me, it’s a bare-bones refit, however nonetheless a considerate and fascinating JRPG, a mixture of classy demon stealth attacking and slice-of-life drama. For a radical divulge on Persona 4 & 5, you’ll be able to take a look at Chris Miller’s e-newsletter at the sport.

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