Batman Actor Robert Pattinson Admits That The Original Final Fantasy 7 Made Him Cry

How excellent is the unique Final Fantasy VII, you ask?

So excellent that it made Batman cry!

Well, now not the real fictional persona, however the newest actor to don the cape and cover, Robert Pattinson admitted in a up to date interview that the unique 1997 unencumber of Final Fantasy VII decreased him to tears.

When requested about his favourite online game of all time all the way through an interview for the promotional excursion of his new film Tenet, Pattinson seemed again fondly at the PlayStation 1 RPG.

“I feel it used to be numerous folks’s favourite recreation, however Final Fantasy VII,” he mentioned. “Probably some of the handiest occasions I’ve cried in my existence is when Aeris dies.”

Pattinson used to be relating to the top of the primary of Final Fantasy VII’s 3 discs, the place in a while after arriving on the City of the Ancients, the nature of Aerith is ruthlessly murdered by way of Sephiroth. The maximum iconic villain in Square Enix historical past drops from the sky and runs the flower lady thru together with his monumental Masamune Kitana.

It’s attention-grabbing to look Pattinson discuss with the nature as Aeris as a substitute of Aerith. When Final Fantasy VII used to be launched within the United States, the nature of Aerith used to be improperly translated to Aeris. That’s why such a lot of English talking enthusiasts of the franchise nonetheless discuss with the flower lady by way of her flawed identify.

Pattinson didn’t say whether or not or now not he performed Final Fantasy VII Remake, which got here out this previous April to rave evaluations. The recreation is an entire retelling of the tale of Final Fantasy VII, and might be cut up into chapters, every the duration of a complete recreation.

The first bankruptcy came about solely within the town of Midgar, so it ended lengthy ahead of the birthday celebration trips to the City of Ancients.

However, some adjustments to the plotline that come to a head within the recreation’s climactic ultimate act have made gamers ponder whether Aerith goes to die this time round. The persona is extra cherished than ever, after being dropped at existence expertly and adorably by way of YouTube character and actress Briana White.

White’s Aerith used to be so neatly won that many are hoping for a keep of execution for the nature.

It is unknown how a ways into the unique tale the second one bankruptcy of Final Fantasy VII Remake will cross, however it stands to explanation why that the birthday celebration may finally end up on the City of the Ancients someday ahead of its finishing.

Pattinson jokingly reminisced concerning the persona additional within the interview, calling her, “My old flame.”

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