Beating Minecraft As A Fish, Impossible? KayZeee Did That Impossible Task With His Two Friend!

Minecraft is a sport that has garnered numerous consideration not too long ago for each Minecraft YouTubers and Twitch Streamers. Many of those content material creators have created new and artistic techniques to overcome the Ender Dragon, because of the truth that the participant will have overwhelmed Minecraft numerous instances.

Some Twitch streamers made punishments for in the event that they fail their demanding situations very small period of time, just like the streamer Mizkif which ended shaving his head after drowning in his strive. His problem gave him simply 5 hours to finish the sport, which Mizkif were given more or less three-quarters of the problem finished.

Another Minecraft content material author via the title is Dream. Dream received huge reputation because of the Minecraft Manhunt movies that he produced the place he is making an attempt to finish Minecraft whilst his pals chase after him in an try to kill him earlier than destroying the Ender Dragon.

YouTube content material author via the title of kayZeee beat Minecraft as a fish. Yes, Through the ability of modding, which many content material creators revel in exploring, kayZee was once ready not to simplest turn into a fish and breathe underwater but additionally to get to the End and kill the Ender Dragon.

KayZeee made a video about him and his pal’s enjoy being fish preventing what’s Minecraft’s ultimate boss and defeating it.

He states all through this video that this was once very tricky because of the restricted achieve and restricted dimension that being a fish.

Yes, at the same time as a fish, all of the avid gamers are provided with armor, and gear would nonetheless have the ability to hit and do injury to the general boss of Minecraft.

Even all through this demanding problem, KayZeee and his pals discovered techniques to have a laugh.

KayZeee discovered that the participant, even whilst a fish, remains to be ready to sleep in a mattress and proceeded to put down in his mattress after a troublesome evening of swimming round and getting ready for the battle of his water-based existence.

The simplest non-fish function that KayZeee can do is the truth that when at the land, KayZeee and his pals are totally ready to transport and breathe very easily, which fish can’t do.

It surely was once a fascinating video to look at, and if you’re studying this, you must pass test it out right here!

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