Best Top Lane Teemo Build For Current Season To Climb In Your Solo Queue Games

Everyone’s favourite Yordle Teemo would possibly get a large number of complaint on-line for being a “meme champ,” however that is maximum for sure no longer the case. The most sensible lane champion excels because of his skillset being favorable in most of the matchups the participant would possibly to find themselves in.

As with any champion, other pieces are going to go with the nature’s equipment greater than others. While Teemo is relatively flexible and will paintings smartly with a sequence of various builds for various eventualities, here’s the most efficient construct for every other who needs to start enjoying the champion nowadays.

Summon Aery: This skill goes to look Teemo’s assaults ship out Aery to deal harm when used in opposition to enemy champions.

Manaflow Band: The Manaflow Band grants Teemo 25 bonus mana—as much as 250 overall mana—each time he hits an enemy with a capability, permitting him to stay in lane for a better length of time.

Transcendence: Transcendence grants Teemo bonus cooldown aid as soon as he reaches degree 10.

Gathering Storm: This rune goes to grant Teemo further AP each 10 mins.


Cheap Shot: A really perfect pairing with Teemo’s final skill; when the champion offers harm to movement-impaired combatants, it’s going to grant further bonus true harm.

Ravenous Hunter: Perfect for ability-based champions, Ravenous Hunter permits Teemo to heal for 1.five % of the wear and tear dealt through his skills.

Bonuses: 10 % Attack Speed, 9 further Adaptive Force, six bonus Armor.

Starting Items

Doran’s Ring
As with any ability-based champion, you’re going to need to begin with an merchandise that may strengthen Teemo’s skill energy. The Doran’s Ring is the very best merchandise for this as no longer most effective will it spice up the champions AP however it’s going to additionally give him bonus well being and mana regen. The Ring’s passive skill will make Teemo’s fundamental assaults deal an extra 5 bodily harm to minions, making it quicker and simpler to get that early minion farm.

Health potion
Always a super merchandise to take early within the recreation, well being pots are a good way to stay within the lane after an altercation with an enemy. Regenerating 150 well being through the years, a well being potion will allow Teemo to stay in lane and farm for the utmost time imaginable. After buying the Doran’s Ring for 400 gold, it’s a no-brainer to gather two well being potions along with your ultimate 100 beginning gold.

Core Items

Liandry’s Torment

Anyone who has noticed Teemo performed is aware of how tense his poisonous shot may also be—to not point out the Noxious Trap mushrooms he can put in force as soon as he reaches degree six. Both those skills may also be a great deal enhanced as soon as Liandry’s Torment has been constructed.

Boasting two distinctive passives, this merchandise is terribly robust. Madness will increase the wear and tear dealt to champions through two % each 2d till fight is exited. Torment will deal spell harm that burns the enemy for 1.five % in their most well being consistent with 2d for 3 seconds doing bonus harm to combatants whose motion is impaired. The merchandise may also give Teemo a well being spice up including 300 well being to the champion.

Pairing this merchandise with Toxic Shot will simply building up the wear and tear it offers through the years to the opponent this is hit. Toxic Shot is terribly robust as this is a passive skill as soon as it’s received and provides the bonus harm to Teemo’s fundamental assaults with out costing any mana.

Nashor’s Tooth

Attack pace goes to be a very powerful mechanic when enjoying Teemo, since chaining in combination as many fundamental assaults and leaving as a lot harm through the years as imaginable goes to be key to find luck with the Yordle.

Nashor’s Tooth is an merchandise made completely for Teemo because of no longer most effective the 50 % assault pace building up but additionally the 80 skill energy it supplies. This will building up the wear and tear and pace of Teemo’s auto assaults as soon as he has received the Toxic Shot skill. This merchandise may also make pursuing enemies with Teemo more straightforward than ever as you turn on Move Quick, Teemo’s skill that will increase his motion pace.

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Movement pace is one in all Teemo’s greatest property that can be used to pursue or evade enemies. Sorcerer’s footwear aren’t most effective going to lend a hand in each the ones regards however may also make Teemo’s skills simpler within the later recreation as enemies start to construct magic resistance pieces to scale back his skills harm.

These boots will upload an extra 18 magic penetration taking into consideration Teemo’s skills to stay unhealthy in opposition to enemies who selected to construct defensively.

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