Destiny 2 Beyond Light: New Stasis Subclass Gameplay Trailer Revealed For Upcoming DLC

Following the expose of the 3 yr DLC roadmap for Destiny 2, avid gamers had been having a look ahead to any hints and divulges for the following upcoming DLC: Beyond Light. The fruits of more than a few tale threads appears to be drawing near with the announcement of the brand new Stasis sequence of subclasses.

The stasis subclass appears to be an ice-themed elegance, in step with the more than a few elemental themed categories that recently exist. More thrilling alternatively is the lore tie in with the mysterious drive referred to as the Darkness. It turns out that this new subclass shall be flavored because the participant after all harnessing the good energy that the Darkness turns out to provide.

It turns out the group at Bungie has been taking note of the keen fanatics, and just lately launched a gameplay trailer showcasing some talents of the brand new subclass. Feel unfastened to observe the entire video down underneath:

The warlock subclass shall be referred to as Shadebinder, and the trailer reads that the subclass will be capable of “Fracture with Frost.” It turns out the ice shall be totally applied with crowd keep an eye on sort talents, which shall be a captivating possibility for the Warlock in particular. Also integrated is that warlocks will be capable of wield an excellent having a look group of workers, which appears to be an excellent have compatibility.

For Hunters, the subclass shall be referred to as Revenant, and the textual content reads, “Bring the Storm.” This subclass will use dual ice alternatives, which provide a fab glance aesthetically. These guns can be thrown into a bunch of enemies and deal harm. They also are apparently in a position to deal AOE harm with weather-themed talents.

Last however now not least is the Titan Behemoth, which the trailer says can “Crash like an Avalanche.” This bruiser of a subclass can unencumber shards of ice and frost in 3 instantly strains, dealing harm and freezing enemies of their tracks. They additionally include an ice-encrusted fist to ruin enemies the old school method.

The talents showcased seem to be very tough, even supposing a lot of this is because of the cinematic nature of the trailer. While it’s titled gameplay trailer, it kind of feels to be principally excited by giving only a glimpse of the brand new subclasses and possible makes use of for them in battle.

Hopefully, sooner than the DLC comes out, additional information shall be published in regards to the explicit talents and mechanics of those new subclasses, because the Destiny neighborhood is all the time hungry for extra new content material. Make certain to test again right here for the entire newest information because it comes on Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

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