Falls Guys Has A New Level Called Jump Showdown And Other Improvements

In a very brief time period, Fall Guys has gone on to attain plenty of commercial success. It’s not surprising once you take under account the fun elements it highlights.

Players compete online with 59 others round after round, until only one remains. Every round plays out a bit differently. It could be a race to the finish line with different barriers in the way or it might be a struggle of survival.

Either manner, players need to do whatever is necessary to survive and hopefully maintain success. The game has done so well that it jumped to the top of the charts on Steam, beating out heavy-hitters PUBG and even GTA 5.

Now, it’s going to get even better. As of now, there’s a new level called Jump Showdown. You may remember it if you played with the beta since this is where it was first introduced.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Jump Showdown, it’s a excellent time. Players stand on a stage as two beams spin around at varying rates. The longer players remain on the stage, the quicker the top and bottom beams go.

That’s not all. As the game progresses, sections of the system fall away. There will consequently be little room for error near the end of games. It looks like a jolly good time, though fairly hard. Players will need to be on their A game and time their jumps just perfect.

This is likely only one of several new stages planned for Fall Guys. If you consider it, the programmer Mediatonic has so many directions to take with new phases. They have done a excellent job with the level layouts, but they can continue to improve this game over the next few months.

In addition to this new phase, some bugs have been addressed by the programmer. For example, messaging is currently better for matchmaking and fixed parties won’t neglect as much due to too many requests. If you need to find the complete list, you may go to the sport ’s official site.

It’s important that these bugs were addressed since plenty of players were having difficulties. That just goes to show how popular of a match Fall Guys is. Now all the programmer has to do is work on programs that tackle cheating. It has been fairly widespread since launching and negatively impacted plenty of users.

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