Horizon Zero Dawn Is Enjoying A High Double-Dip Percentage Rivaled Only By Grand Theft Auto 5

Inevitably, names on the PC are thought of as the penultimate; with modding support, DLC packaging, and the uncontrolled bevy of options and features that PC users like people simply tend to be aware when programmers announce they’re bringing the name over to the PC userbase.

So this report is practically expected for many, even though it marks a nod just because of how hard Horizon Zero Dawn stumbled when it came out of the gates on PC with frame speed and crashing issues and more than a few interesting bugs that had individuals trying to play through the game as modest Aloy.

PlayStracker has declared, according to Steam‘s offered metrics, that Horizon Zero Dawn includes a 35% double-dip, meaning that 35% of the users who have purchased and played the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn own and played the title on PlayStation prior to the port.

Considering that Horizon Zero Dawn is struggling to get out of a ‘Mixed’ rating on Steam, that’s a massive achievement is rivaled only by Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 which sits at 38% users that played with the title on a console prior to picking up the title on PC when it finally released.

This is a big reason that Rockstar has begun staggering releases between consoles and PCs: to maximize earnings with those that are willing to double-dip for the same title across two or more platforms.

It would be interesting to further this comparison by adding the Nintendo Switch to the mix, as it brings about portability that neither PCs nor consoles have, which makes the trifecta: convenience, power, and portability.

The odds of Horizon Zero Dawn ever leaping into the Nintendo Switch realm is astronomically low, however, if based nothing else other than the struggles of Guerrilla to understand the PC market.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this is that developers that only traipse about in one singular platform are shooting themselves in the proverbial foot, considering the number of people who each platform holds results in a promise of far more prospective consumers rather than the limitation of a singular console. This somehow continues into elude and confuse developers.

More interesting is what Guerrilla Games possibly meant with their message towards PC gamers that they hope they would pick up a PlayStation 5 to continue Aloy’s journey in that the next iteration of the IP.

Whether or not we’ll see another iteration of Horizon Zero Dawn (and PlayStation users throwing things) likely boils down to whether or not their earnings gained from the porting over to PC was rewarding enough to deal with the hassle of glitches and bugs, together with users asking for a FOV slider.

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