Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Release Date Officially Revealed During Nintendo Direct Mini Event

It’s time to summon our keyblades as soon as once more to go back to the arena of Kingdom Hearts, the epic crossover sequence created by means of the not going pairing of Disney and Square Enix.

This time, Sora and the crowd are showing within the type of a rhythm sport known as Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. Now, due to a Nintendo Direct Mini match previous this week, the sport has an reliable unlock date.

The sport shall be liberating on November 13 with preorders lately to be had.

One of the preferred parts of all the Kingdom Hearts franchise is its soundtrack. From songs by means of Japanese pop artist Utada Hikaru to fantastic instrumental scoring, the Kingdom Hearts tune has an enormous fanbase.

Now, you’ll have the ability to enjoy the soundtrack of this sport like by no means prior to via a brand new rhythm primarily based journey that includes Sora, Donald, Goofy, and all the different warriors of sunshine. In the trailer, we additionally noticed glimpses of Kairi, Riku, Mickey, Roxas, Xion, and Axel.

Nintendo additionally gave us some additional information on how the sport goes to paintings. Describing this journey as a “musical adventure in a rhythm primarily based international,” Nintendo confirmed off quite a lot of phases in accordance with worlds up to now visited inside the Kingdom Hearts universe.

You can fit the rhythm with button mashing to accomplish robust combo strikes and take down foes as you progress in the course of the phases. There can also be a reminiscence dive function which can permit you to play via recollections from earlier Kingdom Hearts video games. The instance proven for this mode used to be the preferred Frozen Let it Go scene from Kingdom Hearts 3.

There also are boss battles, the place assaults are in accordance with set musical rhythms. The instance presentations used to be Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting Maleficent in her citadel, which used to be a location utilized in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Clearing phases will liberate a tune participant and tale cinematics. You’ll additionally have the ability to play each on-line and in native multiplayer for missions.

Nintendo Switch could have an unique Free-For-All mode, which lets you compete with as much as 8 avid gamers.

The sport will function an authentic tale, which, if you happen to’ve ever performed Kingdom Hearts prior to, you’ll know will issue into the over arching tale as we head down the (most probably very lengthy) street towards Kingdom Hearts 4.

Players who tried to forget about all the cellular and offshoot video games between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Three have been in for a impolite and complicated marvel when it was transparent that they performed vastly into the tale of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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