Minecraft Live: The Votes Are In And The New Mob For Minecraft Is the Glow Squid From Minecraft Earth

Since Minecraft Live has formally ended, The vote for the following Minecraft mob has additionally ended at this level. The vote ended with the Glow Squid profitable, which means that this variant to the squid might be carried out into Minecraft.

Minecraft Live is now to be had at the Minecraft YouTube channel, and the channel may be posting highlights for Minecrafters who aren’t ready to sit down and watch all of the factor.

This used to be showcased in a tweet made by way of the legitimate Minecraft Twitter account, which confirmed the Glow Squid animated within the pond. This mob used to be considered one of 3 that used to be a imaginable choice; the Iceologer and the MooBloom have been the opposite choices for gamers to select.

The Glow Squid’s first look used to be in Minecraft Earth, and this announcement used to be made right through the Minecraft Live match, which came about on October 3rd.

The Glow Squid is a variant of the squid with a luminescent/sparkling texture, which is analogous to how the Endermen’s eyes glow at nighttime. This squid has a equivalent AI to the common squid, which means that they swim round flippantly, nearly aimlessly, and want to keep within the water, or else the squid will die.

According to the trailer for this long run addition to Minecraft, it has an impact to hypnotize the participant, even if this may occasionally had been only for the trailer and no longer a real function of the squid itself.

Finding the Glow Squid is also tricky. This is because of the rarity of this mob with might be considerably upper when in comparison to the rarity of the usual squid present in Minecraft.

The Glow Squid is totally passive and doesn’t assault the participant in any respect, even though getting attacked by way of the participant. This mob has a complete of ten well being issues or a complete of 5 hearts, because of this that it’ll take a couple of hits sooner than the participant is in a position to kill it.

After killing the Glow Squid, gamers can search for each ink sacs and Primarine Shards to drop. This mob will drop as much as 4 Prismarine Shards and as much as six Ink Sacs, which is a little more than what an ordinary squid will drop when killed.

The Glow Squid is mentioned to spawn in swamps, and perhaps caves, and feature a miles upper rarity. The Glow Squid is the primary mob from Minecraft Earth to be added to Minecraft formally.

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