Minecraft Mobs Explored: Vex, A Evil Fairy Spawned And Controlled By The Evil Evoker

The Vex are extremely adversarial mobs which might be summoned through the evil mob, which is referred to as the Evoker. The Evoker doesn’t spawn a unmarried Vex; as a substitute, the Vex is summoned in small teams, which all start to assault the participant relentlessly.

The Evoker will summon precisely 3 vexes, which is signaled through generating off-white smoke and a high-pitched horn-like sound.

One amazingly thrilling factor concerning the Vex is that they may be able to simply go thru any block, which incorporates lava and water with out taking any harm.

When in assault mode, the Vex glows crimson and raises its hand to boost its sword. On the simple issue, the Vex does a complete of 2 and a part hearts, whilst the traditional issue, the Vex have a complete of 4 and a part hearts of wear. On the toughest issue, The Vex do a complete of six and a part hearts.

The Vex this is summoned through an evoker begins taking harm after thirty to one-hundred and nineteen seconds then start to die. This is because of them being spawned through an Evoker, but when the Vex are summoned through both a spawner, spawn egg and even the /summon command.

The Vex assault no longer most effective avid gamers but additionally villager, grownup villagers, Iron golems, Wandering investors, or even Snow Golems, this displays that regardless of the mob this is close to the Vex, they’ll assault this mob. The Vexes will nonetheless assault those mobs in the event that they occur to lose the sword that they’re spawned protecting.

When no longer actively looking out and attacking the participant, Vexes were recognized to wander inside of a 15 x 11 x 15 cuboid ranger, which is focused at the Evoker’s place. When simply idling across the Vexes wings flap to stay them flying and staying within the air.

The Vex has a complete of fourteen well being issues and has a complete of 7 hearts, this means that that the participant will wish to have an enchanted iron sword or perhaps a diamond sword.

Vexes were within the Java Edition for the reason that 1.11. In distinction, the Bedrock Edition of the Minecraft has 1.10.0; because of this those little creatures cannot most effective chase the participant for a semi-long distance but additionally undergo blocks to assault the participant that can be seeking to get better some well being after an excessive struggle.

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