Natsume Announces New Pocky And Rocky Game Will Launch Next Year

Natsume just lately made a press release on social media relating to a brand spanking new Pocky and Rocky sport. The sport is lately in construction via the unique workforce, Tengo Project, and is scheduled to release subsequent yr.

Pocky and Rocky is a shooter sequence that to begin with introduced within the 1990s via Natsume, however a brand new name has now not been launched in years. The new sport does now not but have an legit name, and now not a lot is understood concerning the sport up to now.

Pocky and Rocky used to be first introduced via Natsume at the Super Nintendo. The sequence follows the shrine maiden Pocky and her spouse, the tanuki, Rocky. Together, the pair combat to rescue the Nopino Goblins, who’ve been taken over via a spell. As the sport progresses, they be told what took place to the creatures. The sport comprises many mysterious creatures from Japanese legends, together with kappa.

The first sport used to be adopted via a sequel in 1994 at the Super Nintendo. The subsequent sport, Pocky and Rocky with Becky, presented a brand new pal and used to be launched years later at the Game Boy Advance in 2002. In the 3rd sport, gamers would choose from 3 playable protagonists.

In 2008, a religious successor referred to as Heavenly Guardian used to be later launched via Starfish SD. Because of a few prison problems, the sport needed to have a number of adjustments, together with converting the sport’s characters and name. The sport used to be launched on PC, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PS Network, and, maximum just lately, at the Nintendo Switch.

While there were two video games launched since Pocky and Rocky 2, Natsume mentions within the tweet that the 2021 name would be the “3rd installment” within the unique sequence. The developer states that this can be a sequel to the primary sport, however isn’t a remake. The new name might be a brand new name with a brand spanking new tale.

The graphics will stay the 16-bit taste very similar to the older video games, however with progressed graphics and sound.

Toshiyasu Miyabe, a programmer within the Tengo Project workforce, commented concerning the new name, pointing out:

It is a pleasure to proceed Pocky and Rocky’s adventures over twenty-five years later with the similar construction workforce. We are excited to be creating Pocky & Rocky 2021 to succeed in a brand new technology of players and reconnect with gamers who’re already acquainted with the daring pair, Pocky and Rocky, and their amusing adventures. Stay tuned within the coming months as we divulge extra concerning the thriller that awaits!

Natsume’s latest installment within the Pocky and Rocky sequence is scheduled to release in 2021.

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