Pokemon GO Halloween Event Announcement Is Here – New Spooky Pokemon And Bonuses

Pokemon GO remains to be a go-go, even with the sector in its present shambolic state, there’s no reason why to stick indoors and fail to notice the spooky Halloween Pokemon match arriving later this month. There are new additions to Pokemon GO, Halloween-themed parties and pieces, and many extra to try.

The match begins on Friday, October 23rd at 6 pm PDT and lasts till November third at 6 pm PDT. As an summary, Ghost-type Pokemon will seem extra continuously, some Pokemon will likely be dressed in spooky Halloween costumes, and Galarian Yamask makes its first look in Pokemon GO.

It is sensible that all over the spooky season Ghost-type Pokemon will seem extra continuously. As you wander about within the chilly October evening, you’ll stumble throughout extra Ghost Pokemon and stumble upon extra in raids. They’ll additionally hatch extra continuously from eggs.

Halloween-themed Field Research duties give gamers course all over this Halloween match. Help out Professor Willow remedy some spooky mysteries to discover new forms of Pokemon, corresponding to Spiritomb. If you’re very fortunate all over the development it’s possible you’ll stumble upon a Shiny model, the very best addition in your assortment.

Galarian Yamask could also be making its first look in Pokemon GO. This strange Pokemon will likely be to be had after you lend a hand Professor Willow remedy the “A Spooky Message Unmasked” match. Keep your eyes peeled!

Plus, it’s now not best the Pokemon that may dress up for this particular spooky match. New Halloween costumes will likely be to be had within the merchandise store to deck out your avatar with all forms of pieces. Think Pikachu Mask, Banette Masks, or perhaps a Gengar onesie.

The Halloween match will likely be cut up up into smaller mini-events, such because the Alolan Marowak Raid Day on Halloween day (October 31st), or the GO Battle League: Halloween cup, which takes position from Monday 26h and runs till November third.

There are a variety of alternative ways to have a good time the Halloween season on Pokemon GO, and as an added bonus you’ll get two times the volume of switch sweet and two times the volume of catch sweet all over the development.

You can in finding out extra via following the respectable Pokemon GO Twitter account or trying out the announcement above for extra information about the particular raids and parties going down over the following couple of weeks.



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