PQube Games Announces Zengeon Console Launch Delayed Until 2021

Publisher PQube has introduced the console release of Zengeon will probably be not on time till someday in 2021. Zengeon used to be first of all scheduled to release on consoles on September 25. The explanation why for the extend used to be no longer discussed.

Published via 2P Games and evolved via IndieLeague Studio, Zengeon used to be first of all launched in June 2019 on Steam. The recreation is an anime-infused motion RPG with Roguelite parts. Players choose one of the most a couple of characters with distinctive abilities to slice thru hordes of demons. The recreation had an general “Mostly Positive” moderate from over a thousand evaluations.

Zengeon stars the scholars of the Celestial Academy. These scholars have educated to give protection to a seal inside the Blessed Land to stay the Dark Emptiness at bay. During the Lunar Eclipse, a being with super energy broke during the seal. Now the Demon God has made his go back, and it’s as much as the scholars to forestall it.

Players can choose between one in all six playable characters. Each persona has a singular skillset, assaults, and enemies. The scholars all percentage the similar objective of repairing the seal of the Blessed land and repelling the Demon God and his minions.

The recreation incorporates Roguelite parts since each playthrough is other. The stags layouts trade each and every time, together with merchandise pick-u.s.and enemy places. The gameplay gives a difficult enjoy, however sure pieces picked up throughout gameplay will stay right through each and every playthrough. The recreation has prime replay price as a result of there are lots of techniques to play, and the enjoy adjustments each and every time.

PQube is answerable for publishing the console ports on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The console model contains on-line options, so as much as 4 gamers can sign up for at one time.

From the Steam model of the sport, there’s no further paid tale DLC. The simplest further DLC is for the “Grab Your Summer Memory” swimming gear costumes, which can be all indexed as loose. It’s unknown if those will probably be incorporated with the console model of the sport at release.

PQube has discussed that the sport wishes additional construction time throughout consoles, nevertheless it’s unknown what additional paintings must be performed. Players who need to leap into the sport can play it instantly on PC. The PC model of the sport does no longer come with the four-player on-line co-op that used to be discussed within the console release announcement trailer.

Zengeon is now scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch someday in 2021.

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