Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting Sam Fisher As A Playable Operator

Rainbow Six Siege has been among the more respected online strategic shooters in recent memory. It focuses on small tactical decisions that form out matches in important ways. With each beat, you pick up approaches that improve your chances of promising success in the future.

The operator choice also has helped this game continue to have success, though it came out back in 2015. That’s five long years of continuing support from the programmer Ubisoft Montreal. They’ve done a fantastic job at providing updates on the way.

They’re going to do it again and this time, they’re incorporating an iconic character as a new operator. That’s none other than Sam Fisher himself, the principal protagonist in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series. It was just a matter of time before this crossover occurred. He’ll be apart of this Operation Shadow Legacy upgrade for Season 3.

His addition is a noteworthy one since in the event you have any previous experience playing with the Splinter Cell matches, you know he’s nicely equipped to take down targets at will. He’s quite famous for his high tech night vision goggles, and you can bet they’ll appear at Rainbow Six Siege within some capacity.

Although Sam Fisher was teased in an official trailer, the programmer didn’t go into much detail so far as the perks that he ’ll have access to. Still, it’s exciting to consider his possibilities.

Every operator in this game has a special set of gadgets and techniques. It’s certainly one reason why this tactical shooter has done so well since launch. After some time, new operators become introduced that radically shape how aggressive matches perform and how players strategy combat.

It could be a quiet assassin or a bombs expert that knows how to create explosive chaos for enormous damage. It’s safe to assume Sam — or Zero in accordance with the trailer — will be treated nicely with regard to his resources.

Either manner, it seems like we’ll find out more about August 16. That’s once the developer plans on dishing out all the details with this new operator. It’s great news if you’re a fan of Rainbow Six Siege and the Splinter Cell games.

This move is just one more reason why Rainbow Six Siege could go to thrive for a lot more yeas to come. Just when you believe that they ’ve done everything, they introduce new content which keeps fans excited and engaged.

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