Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time With The Good, The Bad, And The Mediocrity

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time has in the end launched this morning, giving the hundreds the chance to in the end get their fingers at the name and discover it for themselves; this piece articulates exactly what we did, and didn’t, revel in about Jack’s latest escapade. This overview is from the name that launched on Steam; thus we would possibly cross over facets which might be lacking from consoles.

First and fundamental, if you need the beef of it: if you happen to’re on the lookout for a possibility to relive some good moments with Samurai Jack, then you definitely’ll revel in Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time simply; it’s a no brainer to pick out it up and revel in the correct (and well-handled) nods to the legacy of the sequence that started in 2001 during the plot. If you’re on the lookout for one thing somewhat deeper than the chance than to step into the geta (the wood footwear that he clops round in) of Jack, then all of it will get somewhat muddled.

Settings & Optimization

Options with Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time – Samurai Jack by the use of Soleil

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time handles this unexpected ease; plenty of choices to bite thru to tweak and be sure that you’ll be able to get the most productive model of the name operating in your rig. With uncapped framerates (and an not obligatory 60FPS lock) and a smattering of choices that vary draw distance and fog, it’s a robust nod against the extra finicky of PC gamers that be expecting quite a lot of choices for accessibility.

Ultimately the sport isn’t that functionality in depth; the cel-shaded artwork taste with reasonably easy backgrounds doesn’t put too difficult of a pressure in your rig, even supposing the way to a great deal lower constancy permits the name to run on much less performance-intensive rigs very easily.

There is not any choice these days to permit for DS4 controller activates at the PC; if you happen to decide to make use of the DualShock four for the playthrough, you presently will wish to battle with the improper activates. Often it’s frankly non-vital, but it can lead to some minor annoyances whilst you’re finding out a brand new skill or making an attempt to speak to a personality.

The sport is available in 4 flavors of problem, 3 of that are readily to be had from the beginning; Jack (Easy), Samurai (Normal), and Master Samurai (Hard). A locked ‘Master of Masters’ turns into to be had after a a success playthrough.

Samurai Jack by the use of Soleil

As a nice wonder, Soleil doesn’t merely upload to HP swimming pools of enemies whilst turning your weapon into a humid noodle for the extra punishing choices; as an alternative, enemies are added to the quite a lot of stumble upon spaces that can drive gamers to essentially shift how they way the stumble upon. On Samurai problem maximum will breeze throughout the name; on Master Samurai, be ready to get juggled to dying by way of scarabs with lasers as you futilely try to chase them. It’s possible however irritating, particularly whilst you haven’t won any ranged assaults but.

Working slowly thru encounters and baiting enemies backward as an alternative of forwards will paintings on your benefit, and making in a position (consistent) use of your block skill will see you throughout the extra punishing difficulties.

Plot & Character Progression

There frankly isn’t a lot to peer right here if you happen to’re acquainted with Samurai Jack or Ronin (which is a smart affect at the sequence); Jack will get despatched thru time by way of Aku.

He lands someplace, gamers development thru a degree, and Jack runs into an outdated acquaintance right here or there, giant boss struggle, and you move to the following stage. Necklaces with the logo of Aku symbolizes the ability that he holds over the quite a lot of machinations; Jacky dices them up and is thrown to the following house.

This permits fanatics of the sequence to run throughout a big selection of characters that leads to reuniting as soon as Aku’s spell is damaged. It’s a serviceable plot for the name to provide gamers the ‘Why’ of development, however that’s about it.

In phrases of persona development, Jack ranges up in two separate manners: the primary is by way of operating into Da Samurai, the place Jack can buy coaching to extend the wear he offers (at the side of therapeutic kits). Da Samurai may also be discovered fairly off the overwhelmed trail, even supposing the name of the game paths are none too tricky to seek out; we discovered ourselves stumbling into them solely by chance.

Former foe Da Samurai is located during ranges, permitting gamers to coach or restore their guns; he additionally acts as a fundamental purchasing and promoting level – Samurai Jack by the use of Soleil

The 2nd is thru capacity issues which is able to liberate extra abilities for Jack to make use of during his adventure; notice that parrying is unlocked throughout the capacity tree while you acquire capacity issues, got by way of defeating foes and bashing random decor strewn in regards to the ranges. The excellent information is that it’s affordable; you’ll be able to liberate the power to parry after gaining 500 SP, which you’ll do with relative ease within the first stage.

Jacky can use more than one guns during his adventure, even supposing most effective his katana isn’t destructible; this frankly makes the katana the straightforward selection when progressing, as your most well-liked weapon gained’t all the time be readily to be had during ranges; extra so if you happen to decide to not restore guns at Da Samurai. The video games fusses somewhat if you happen to don’t use the opposite guns, with a big textual content field showing within the top-right if you happen to simply major the trusty katana, however you gained’t battle to take care of suitable harm if you happen to decide to major a unique choice.


This is the place the sport starts to hit a couple of bitter notes: development, as mentioned in articles prior, is composed of operating thru a degree till you hit a wall with an stumble upon; clearing the enemies gets rid of the wall, and you still run throughout the stage till the following stumble upon. How many waves every stumble upon has for Jack to chop thru varies, however the enemies noticed are in large part repetitive.

Occasionally, the name tries to interject somewhat of selection with sidescrolling spaces that basically contain hopping round traps (that may hang some abominable hit packing containers) and sprinting against the facet of the display till you succeed in the following house. Occasionally, the name takes benefit of the brand new point of view to provide some stunning environments: frequently it does no longer.

The hitboxes on those flames, in particular, is somewhat bizarre; after the flames disappear, you wish to have to attend a fragment of a 2nd longer lest Jacky takes harm from…the rest warmth – Samurai Jack by the use of Soleil

You development throughout the stage till you run into the large dangerous man, operating into quite a lot of NPCs that stand at the facet of the trail to provide a medley of canned discussion that gives apparently little to the participant or the tale.

‘I’ve a foul feeling’ is repeated frequently by way of NPCs, every with their very own twist on it. They usually be offering a small merchandise as you run into them, however their life may also be solely skipped with out fear – Samurai Jack by the use of Soleil

This by myself isn’t a subject, so long as the struggle fares nicely sufficient to stay gamers invested; if gamers are anticipated to forestall more than one occasions to struggle thru enemy waves, the struggle must be enticing and captivating, or on the very least skill-based; Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, sadly, does no longer be offering this.


As development ties immediately into how successfully you’ll be able to reduce thru hordes of enemies, we’d be remiss in our accountability if we didn’t check out struggle.

Unfortunately, that is the place Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time falls flat on its face. You can goal enemies, however your mixtures are reasonably disappointing with the similar animations taking part in over and over whilst hordes of enemies courteously wait their flip so that you can smite them. There could be very little tactical play concerned inside the name; run into enemies and destroy the light-attack button till you’re allowed to transport onwards.

Unlocking parrying introduced in regards to the hope that extra timing and precision can be important; making an attempt to parry whilst you’re button-mashing (till an HP pool in the end dissipates) usually leads to Jack sliding forwards clear of the enemies, opening your again to a large number of hits. It’s like Jacky places on ice-skates each and every time you attempt to parry in a path, and it’s maddening. If you need to liberate particular upgrades, you’ll wish to liberate the ice-skating parry skill; there’s no approach round it except you opt-out of a complete capacity tree.

Wait your flip, please! – Samurai Jack by the use of Soleil

Attempting to play it slower (as an alternative of button mashing) is a futile undertaking; enemies stand there as a rule; ranged enemies will try to take care of distance whilst peppering gamers with projectiles which turns into irritating as nicely; your singular sprint skill is noticeably restricted in distance. Expect to spend a while chasing enemies down till you get ranged skills, which cuts down at the quantity of tedium inside struggle due to their prime harm (that may be additional specialised in by way of the participant).

Note that if you happen to discovered the struggle inside Shadow of Mordor or Batman: Arkham Asylum to be riveting, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is correct up your alley; loads of button mashing till you progress on together with your existence. You can alternate which buttons you’re mashing, and during which order, however on the finish of the day you’re spamming assaults advert nauseam till the sport will get the trace and allows you to development to the following house.

For others which might be somewhat extra tough in their titles, the struggle is a leave out; we continuously discovered ourselves bored inside struggle segments with a restricted move-set and disappointing interactions between Jack and his foes. Boss fights most effective introduced up a modicum of pleasure, but they fall unusually fast and it’s again to looking ahead to the following stumble upon.


For die-hard fanatics of the Samurai Jack sequence, that is more likely to be a success merely because of how well-presented the way and characters are. If you’re having a look previous that persona for a name to dig your tooth into, this can be a little bit of a hard advice at its retail worth of $40. We strongly counsel gazing gameplay from quite a lot of streams, and in all probability select it up on a long term sale; $20 would make this way more palatable in our non-public enjoy.

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