Shroud Returns To Twitch With 500,000 Viewers And 13,000 Subscribers In The First Minutes Of His Comeback Stream

The yield of Shroud to Twitch was declared on his Twitter accounts, randomly and without warning. After almost two months of not flowing, Shroud is back. At the time of writing, he’s nearly 500,000 viewers.

And 13,000 subs in the first five minutes of the flow.

Shroud abandoned Twitch last year to combine the streaming platform Mixer within a massive multi-million dollar deal.

A couple of months later, Mixer collapsed. Bought out by Facebook Gaming. Shroud, alongside Ninja (also in a contract with Mixer), have both returned to Twitch.

It was apparent that Shroud’s return flow was going to be enormous. However, he’s been unassuming throughout the comeback flow. His introductory video didn’t even have any sound.

Plus, he posted on Twitter an hour before he actually went live. People sat and waited nearly a full hour to await his stream to go live.

He said he had been anticipating around 200,000 audiences, but it was always at 500,000 because the flow started. Many individuals were expecting answers to the puzzle of why he hadn’t streamed in over a month.

In response to why he hasn’t satisfied for the previous months – even though dozens of queries from high profile streamers and friends on Twitter – Shroud only said that he had enjoyed his holiday. There were no other motives than he had been taking time off from his streaming program (pretty tightly enforced at Mixer.)

There has been lots of speculation regarding what Shroud was going to do when he returned. After landing a massive deal with Mixer, some suggested he was going to retire.

It’s apparent from this return flow that Shroud is only Shroud. He’s online to play video games. There is going to be headshots. There will be calm, cool, and casual gaming. As Shroud himself stated, there aren’t any Lamborghini overlays here.

Shroud, in response to his 500,000 audiences, stated that “he’s a normal dude who likes to play games much.” It’s for this reason he remains among the most popular streamers online.

Despite the mystery surrounding DrDisrespect’s disappearance from Twitch after a heavy-handed ban, the platform continues to go from strength to strength.

Although equally Facebook Gaming and Mixer had attempted to handle Amazon‘s control of the current market, both Ninja and Shroud have returned to Twitch.

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