Stardew Valley Guide: Obtain The Galaxy Sword And Slay Your Enemies With This Out-Of-This-World Weapon

Stardew Valley has been out for greater than Four years, and on a daily basis new and veteran avid gamers alike go surfing to farm, fish, and schmooze their approach in the course of the sport. One of crucial facets of the sport is the fight device, and there’s just one sword you must be the use of: the Galaxy Sword.

The Galaxy Sword is Stardew Valley’s highest-damaging sword within the sport with a whopping 60-80 harm vary and a velocity of +4. It’s crucial to acquire if you wish to make it some distance within the Skull Mines. However, this sword comes at a sexy hefty price on your time and effort, to not point out a non-public sacrifice of an excessively treasured gemstone. More about that within the article beneath; for now, step one to acquiring the Galaxy Sword is to succeed in the ground of the mines close to Robin’s area.

As you get nearer and nearer to the ground of the mines, your possibilities of discovering a Prismatic Shard build up because the monsters you come across have the risk to drop rarer and rarer pieces, shards integrated. Also present in larger numbers against the ground of the mines are Omni-Geodes.

Omni-Geodes, when damaged open by way of Clint, have the best probability of any manner within the sport of manufacturing a Prismatic Shard. Save up your Omni-Geodes and look ahead to the spirits to be in a contented temper. Take them to Clint to have him bust them open for a small price. This can even most likely mean you can fill out your Museum Donations to Gunther on the library.

This goes to be a sexy drawn-out procedure, as you’ll want to be farming and discovering different ways of getting cash instead of going to the mines. The best possible instances to head are when it’s raining, and right through the Winter when you haven’t any plants to water.

You’ll additionally want to be running to your Community Center bundles right through this time, as you’ll most effective be capable to download the Galaxy Sword after unlocking the Desert. To release the wilderness, you’ll want to whole the Community Center Bundle that fixes the bus.

Once you’ve after all received the Prismatic Shard, it’ll be tempting to donate it to Gunther. You’ll wish to stay it, alternatively, as while you achieve get right of entry to to the Galaxy Sword, it’ll make delving into the Skull Mines a lot more uncomplicated. The Skull Mines have a miles upper probability of manufacturing uncommon fabrics the additional you cross down.

Take the Prismatic Shard to the 3 rods protruding of the sand on the best proper portion of the Desert. Hold it to your hand, stroll into the indention within the very heart of the 3 rods, and voila, you’ll have received the Galaxy Sword!

If you have got any questions on Stardew Valley or its long run content material updates, it’s beneficial to talk over with the Stardew Valley web site for more info.

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