The Undead: Inspire Dread In Your Enemies With Wizards Of The Coast’s Newest Warlock Patron

Wizard’s of the Coast’s most up-to-date Unearthed Arcana content material replace introduced the College of Spirits Bard and the Undead patron choice for Warlocks. These subclasses deliver a way of macabre this is tremendously had to spherical out the playable content material throughout the D&D universe.

The Undead patron is a deity or entity that is living at nighttime corners of the multiverse. Strahd, Azalin, and Lord Soth are all examples of an entity that may function an Undead Patron. The Undead Warlock appears to be concerned about DPS and frighten results with a bunch of talents that make the Undead Warlock a power to be reckoned with at melee vary.

At 1st stage, the Undead patron grants get entry to to an expanded spell checklist that provides the Warlock get entry to to spells now not most often coated at the Warlock spell checklist. Blindness/Deafness, Greater Invisibility, and Cloudkill are the principle takeaways from this expanded checklist.

Also at 1st stage, the Undead patron offers the Form of Dread talent. As an advantage motion you manifest a side of your patron and achieve the next talents whilst reworked for 1 minute:

You achieve brief HP equivalent to 1d10 + your Warlock stage, and also you’re resistant to the worried situation. Also, as soon as on every of your turns whilst you hit a creature with an assault, you’ll be able to power them to be terrified of you till you get started your subsequent flip.

At sixth stage, the Undead Warlock positive aspects the Grave Touched function. You don’t wish to devour, drink, or breathe, and you’ll be able to exchange an assault’s harm with necrotic harm. If you accomplish that, you’ll be able to roll one further harm die when figuring out the necrotic harm dealt.

10th stage brings the Mortal Husk function, giving the Warlock resistance to necrotic harm and immunity when underneath the Form of Dread transformation. Also, if you’re diminished to zero HP, you’ll be able to make a choice to have your frame explode, dealing 2nd10 + your Warlock stage necrotic harm to creatures inside of 30 toes.

You then revive at 1 HP and achieve a degree of exhaustion. You can’t revive this manner once more for 1d4 lengthy rests.

Finally, the 14th stage function, Spirit Projection, rounds out the final of the subclass. This talent permits you to challenge your spirit out of your frame as an motion, gaining the next advantages:

Your spirit and frame achieve resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing harm. When you forged a spell of the conjuration or necromancy college, the spell doesn’t require verbal, somatic, or subject material elements that lack a gold value, and you’ve got a flying pace equivalent in your strolling pace, in addition to the facility to hover. You can transfer thru creatures and gadgets as though they have been tricky terrain, however you’re taking 1d10 power harm if you happen to finish your flip within a creature or an object. Finally, while you’re the use of your Form of Dread, as soon as all over every of your turns whilst you deal necrotic harm to a creature, you regain hit issues equivalent to part the quantity of necrotic harm dealt.

If you favor this subclass and want to view it in its entirety, or want to view different playtest subject material, it’s urged to view the Unearthed Arcana web page for more info.

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