Ubisoft Announces That Rainbow 6 Siege Players Will Get 120FPS/4K Next Gen Edition For Free

In gentle of Control from 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment being thrown in the course of the dust with regard to exactly what does, and does now not, entail customers to obtain an upgraded version for the following technology of consoles which are quickly to come back out, Ubisoft makes a fascinating observation that may earn them greater than slightly bit of fashion throughout the gaming trade.

All avid gamers of Rainbow 6 Siege will obtain a unfastened improve permitting them to play Siege at a huge 4K answer with 120 frames in keeping with 2nd; a job the prior to now has handiest been left to eh tough rigs of the PC style.

It’s admittedly lovely in poor health.

Also, and right here’s pondering a bit of extra long-term, however it’ll be sure that a wholesome and dynamic participant base that continues to deal with balance all the way through the technology hop between present and subsequent; after we’re taking a look at multiplayer-centric titles, reminiscent of Rainbow 6 Siege, the server well being is necessary to deal with it’s reputation.

Lest it becomes Rocket Arena, the place you have got a fascinating identify the place the server inhabitants is arguably subsequent to non-existent, no less than prior to the identify got here to EA Play on Steam and Amazon Games.

This lobs the query squarely at console avid gamers, then again, and it’s person who they haven’t had to imagine: do their televisions have the potential to run 120 FPS at 4K answer?

Much like PC customers struggled to determine as soon as the barrier used to be damaged years in the past (and now stretches into 360 FPS), opting right into a display that may will let you take complete good thing about the features can also be relatively the expensive enterprise, or even then they’ll nonetheless wish to bear in mind latency between the console and tv coupled with the latency of controller to console; it’ll be attention-grabbing, if not anything else, to look how the following 12 months performs out for console house owners.

Yet this isn’t a poignant navel-gazing piece concerning the have’s as opposed to have now not’s, and the way that shakes out into the trendy scape of esports and aggressive environments; Ubisoft has formally introduced a pro-consumer transfer in 2020 that doesn’t power customers to bend over backward.

To state that it is a a long way cry from the unique anti-consumer practices of Watch Dogs piecemealing content material throughout nearly a dozen unique storefronts is a good declare; without reference to how smartly it’ll receive advantages Ubisoft’s because of keeping up their participant base within the multiplayer identify.

Questions arose from their fan base, taking this second to notice some issues in regards to the skill to switch knowledge between console and PC; Ubisoft has declined from making any public-facing statements excluding asking the ones folks to touch them by the use of DM on Twitter.

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